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Welcome! The place where you now find yourself is quite unusual. Here you can buy works created in one of the Earth's most magical places. Each of these works — also known as QuaintBaikalPeаrls – is in its own way warmed by the ancient mystery of the Lake Baikal, the deepest and the clearest lake on the planet.

It lies in the heart of Asia, among its many mountains, surrounded by the taiga, on the intersection of cultures – the Russian, the Buddhist, and that of the nomadic northern people with their faith in the Soul of Nature.

Baikal is located in the center of Asia, in the Russian Siberia. The lake that has the shape of a giant demilune stretches by 632 kilometers from north-west to southeast. With its bottom at 1167 meters below the World Ocean Level, and the surface – at 453 above it, the Baikal is the deepest lake on the planet.

By water surface area, Baikal is the world's six largest lake, containing about 19% of its freshwater supplies. The mountains surrounding the Lake Baikal are covered with the Siberian taiga forests; many fish and animal species inhabit in the lake, including a freshwater seal - the Baikal seal. Past Baikal stretch some of the ancient, as well as today's, roads from Asia to Europe, and on its banks live different peoples of different religions, all holding in high esteem the “Good Sea" (as the Baikal has been called from of old).

If you haven't yet visited the Baikal, chances are high that someday you will - the place will simply draw you; don't try to resist. Its magic is of a good nature, of one not to be feared. Those who have seen a Baikal sunrise, change from within, becoming kinder, wiser, purer, - regardless of what brought them there, whether adventure or spiritual practice. Our website, QuaintBaikalPeаrls.com, auctions unique items, generally named “Marvelous Things", each one a medium of Lake Baikal's magic. Some of them were crafted by humans, and some – by nature itself. We guarantee the uniqueness of every item (the video in each lot's description will tell you how it was created or found). Each of them may become an exotic addition to your home's interior, and a reason for you and your friends to hold many discussions about the mysteries of the Human Soul and of Nature. Each lot's description comes with information about its creator, including photos and a video. Please register to participate in the auction.

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Photo by Anton Shkaplerov