The order of payment and delivery of lots

he transaction price (the highest price offered by the winner) is the final (it includes the costs of the organizers of the delivery and other overhead costs).
After completion of the bidding on the lot and determine the winner:
  • Organizers sent winners on specified at registration e-mail notification letter with a) to confirm the willingness to pay for the purchase of the selected method and b) specifying the address of delivery (the default address provided during registration);
  • Winner for 3 day should send an e-mail confirmation;
  • Winner for 5 days should make the payment method selected to send him details (in the case of payment other than the USD, the currency - the amount calculated at the rate applicable at the time of payment)
If the winner of the payment or non-response to the notification letter - his victory will be canceled and the right to purchase the lot goes to the participant whose bid was the second in the ranking of tenders for lot.
After receiving payment from the winners, organizers:
  • Organize sending lots optimal speed and reliability of delivery method (using postal service with reputable), return receipt requested;
  • The winner of the message is sent with all the details mailing
In case of loss of the goods purchased through the fault of the service delivery, it is the subject of proceedings between the organizers and the delivery service. Buyer returns the amount paid.
The acquisition of the lot at the auction is considered complete at the time of transfer to the Purchaser.